Thursday, 13 September 2012

Learning to balance

When you first take that step from living on your own, in one or two rooms, to living in a house, and in fact running that house, it's a bit of a shock.

Suddenly you have to balance cleaning, cooking, finances, grocery shopping, possibly children, and keep your relationship functional.

In my case this was possibly the hardest part of my transition from being a single student to being a married stay at home wife and mother.

It was a steep learning curve, and I'm still on it, to learn how to balance keeping a house maintained. I tell you in all honesty, I thought it would be easy. Dishes, clean up, cooking, laundry... how hard could it be? People do it all the time.


Very hard.

I went from living in a single room to living in a three story two bedroom town house. I went from having one persons laundry to do... to three, going on four(Elsie's clothes are already pouring into the house). I went from a plate now and then... to having a full load of dishes, twice a day sometimes. I went from eating out when I wanted... to making nearly every meal at home with my own two hands. I went from cleaning one room, to cleaning 6 plus hall ways and closets. And I quickly learned that the whole "Do one room a day" thing?

Complete myth.

One room a day means that the one room you cleaned yesterday stays kind of clean for the next day... then gets dirty again the day after... which means at most in your house you have 2 clean rooms at a time. And it turns out... that sucks to live in.

So here's to learning to balance a home, and that steep learning curve that comes with that first year of stepping out into the real world.

- Natasha

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