Sunday, 23 September 2012

Biblical Womanhood Sunday: Servanthood

Tonight in church, the topic was servanthood, and more specifically, the attitude of a servant. 

So this of course got me thinking of the women who exemplified a proper servants attitude in my life. 

One woman in my life has been very influential in the past year. The attitudes I have observed in her have in many ways shaped my own attitudes. She has just by being the example of Godly servanthood she is, convicted me enough to change my own attitudes. 

This woman let me live in her house for a month in between school and marriage. And in that month, and in the time since, I have learned a great deal about being a Godly woman from her. 

We'll call this woman Kate. 

Kate home schools her kids, all five of them, and does a fantastic job of it. She serves in the church in multiple areas, and never complains about it. When you ask the women of the church who is their best friend, the person they can turn to when they need to talk, need help, need anything really... they say Kate. Kate is always the woman who stays afterwards to clean up, comes early to help set up, and is always finding a way to help in the meantime. 

When you comment on this to Kate... she tells you you're being silly and that she's not that great at all. 

But her quiet, humble, service has truly stood out to me and struck a chord in my heart. She is always willing to give of herself, whether that's her time, her things, her shoulder, or her ear. 

This same attitude she wears seemingly without effort, is striking, and well worth emulating. 

Thank You Kate for being a Godly woman who convicts me to be a Godly woman in return. 


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