About Us

We're a small family of five.
I'm Natasha, a 22 year old stay at home mom and homemaker. He's Joshua, my 29 year old husband.
The silly little guy in that picture down there, is Samuel, my seven year old step son, born May 4, 2006. Learning to be a mom to him is harder than it sounds. But I'm getting there. Elsie Grace was born Dec 26, 2012, and Jeremiah was born on Dec 1, 2013!

We live in Southern Ontario, Canada.
We love our home, which we just bought, I work hard to make sure it's a welcoming and warm place to live and grow up. 

We're devout Christians, and are very active in our church. We believe the Bible is the one true authority. 
We were married on May 19, 2012, and still learning how to live together and not drive each other crazy. 

You're welcome to join the crazy train.


All the pretty banners you see around the blog were made by the talented Arelai on PonyIsland.
All content and pictures are mine unless otherwise stated.

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