Saturday, 1 September 2012

First Time Canning! ... Without my mom.

Canning is a beautiful thing. It's a way of taking fresh fruit and vegetables, and making sure they get to your families plates instead of overly processed and preservative filled foods found on grocery store shelves. Never mind that it just plain old tastes better, as pretty much everything homemade does. 

If you can't tell, I love canning. I grew up canning. My mom canned, my grandmothers canned, my aunts all can... so it only seemed natural that I would start to can when I had the chance to.

Two problems: This was my first time doing it without my mom, and she is 3000 kilometers away in Regina, SK. ... And problem two? I'm doing it with a friend, one who has never canned before, so now I'm teaching her and struggling without my mom. Fun. 

It was terrifying.

It was 7 hours of hot, tedious work. And 20 litres of tomatoes later we were done, exhausted, and sweaty. 

So worth every moment. 

Nothing is quite as fulfilling as seeing jars of food you prepared and put away for your family with your own two hands. 

My husband, Joshua, is really excited. And my six year old... not so much, but that's okay, because it's delicious food with no preservatives that's getting put on his plate, instead of store bought and filled with preservatives and other gross things. 

10 of these are mine. Aren't they beautiful? 

Have a great day! 

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