Sunday, 2 September 2012

Being Pregnant... Sucks... and Is the Greatest Thing Ever... All in One.

So I'm 24 weeks pregnant today, and you wanna know something? It sucks. People say being pregnant is the most wonderful thing a woman could ever experience. And they may even be right. But what people forget to tell you along the way is that being pregnant isn't all cute adorable little kicks and smiles at a moving tummy.

Pregnancy sucks.

Pregnancy is aching backs, and morning sickness that is not confined to the morning, and aching stomach muscles because that little baby is pushing as hard as they can against them. It's having cravings for food, and always being hungry, but never wanting to eat. It's insomnia and heart burn and not being able to walk like a normal person. It's crying over stupid things, and getting to fat for all your clothes, and getting the worst acne you've had since you were 13. It's being exhausted all the time, and the most rank morning breath you'll ever have, no matter how often you brush your teeth. It's peeing a little whenever you laugh, and desperately having to pee every two minutes... only to go to the bathroom and pee about a tablespoon worth of urine. It's hemorrhoids and being constipated for four days at a time. It's taking four pills a night just so you get the right amount of nutrients to support the budding life inside you. It's your feet and ankles swelling so much you can't fit them in your cute shoes anymore.

Pregnancy sucks.


Pregnancy is also pretty freaking awesome too.

Pregnancy is feeling those first little flutters of movement and stopping for fifteen minutes and staring at your stomach, hoping it happens again, because it was the coolest stinking thing you've ever felt. It's having an excuse to eat an extra plate at dinner... and your doctor and family don't judge you. It's getting to get a whole new wardrobe to fit your expanding body. It's people petting your stomach, and letting you butt them in the bathroom line. It's watching your husbands face light up as he sees or feels those kicks you've been feeling for awhile. It's having your other kids ask you every two minutes if the baby is awake because they're so excited to get to know that baby they want to feel every little movement they can. It's overwhelming love you didn't know was possible for that little bean inside you. It's singing and feeling that baby kick on the beat, and    poking your stomach and feeling them poke back.

Yeah, it's pretty awesome.

Well worth it. 


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