Friday, 27 December 2013

What I packed for Hospital Birth #2!

For Wiggles hospital birth, I ended up bringing SO much stuff, and so little of it I used. So with Miah, I'm packing light! 

My packing is split up into three bags. Wiggles overnight bag(Flash is going back to his moms if we go into labour when we have him.), my bag, and the baby bag. 

Each bag is split up into pre-pack, and a list of things to grab before we leave, which is then pinned onto the bag so we can grab it as we leave the house. 

Wiggles Bag


- Two sleepers
- Two outfits
- Sweater
- 10 diapers
- Wipes
- Diaper Cream
- Tylenol

"Running List"

- Can of Formula
- 4 Bottles
- Bag of Milk
- Snacks
- 2 x Pacifiers

My bag
**I ended up using none of this, as I left the hospital right after I gave birth.
I maybe used the fuzzy socks, and that was pretty much it. I guess the change of clothes.


- New package of underwear 
(I loved the hipsters fit ones from Walmart.) 
- Shampoo, soap, deodorant, hair brush, tooth brush, and tooth paste. 
- Sweater 
(Something with a zipper for nursing.)
- 1 pair of fuzzy socks, 2 normal pairs. 
- 2 books. 
- Hair elastics. 
- Cell phone
(the service is turned off, I use it as an ipod.) 
- Going home outfit 
(Screw pretty. My old PJ pants, a big baggy sweater and a maternity shirt is perfect.) 
- Breast Pads
- Change of clothes for after birth.

- Change of clothes for Caleb.  

"Running List"

- Laptop and Charger
- Calebs cellphone/Charger

Baby Bag

All of this was pre-pack. 
We used the NB outfit when we went home, and the receiving and fuzzy blankets, that's all out of this bag. 

- 1 Newborn going home outfit 
- 1 0-3 months going home outfit
- 1 light sleeper 0-3 months
- 1 fuzzy sleeper 0-3 months
- NB onesie and leggings
- 1 fuzzy NB sleeper
- 2 receiving blankets 
- 2 fuzzy blankets
- Carseat
- 1 pair socks

* I don't bring shampoo, baby soap, diapers, formula... anything like that. The hospital provides that. I also strip the room before we leave. 

It seems like a lot, but it's really not once it's all laid out! 

Good luck! 

- Adele

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