Friday, 5 April 2013

Family photo's coming up! Meet our photographer!

So! We are looking at getting family pictures done soon, and there's a lovely young woman in our church named Tay who offered to do them! I'm thrilled, and so I must blog and tell you all about her wonderful work! See, she takes stunning pictures. If you live in Windsor, you should totally hit her up for a session. You won't regret it.

Anyways, look at these stunning pictures Tay took! 

Oh! Did I mention she took my wedding photos? Yeah, she did. Look! 

She's amazing right? Yeah, we think so too. :) 

The front one is her. See/ Even when she is taking self shots it's gorgeous. <33 I'm super excited to be getting our family pictures taken by her. We have been brainstorming poses and ideas all morning, and now I'm all pumped up about it. 

Just braggin'
- Adele

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