Thursday, 4 April 2013

Advice to Pregnant Moms Everywhere

So. Pregnancy. I can officially say, been there, done that.

And so, being the blogger I am, I'm going to tell you about it. Share in my own experiences in the hopes that your day is a little better for the laugh.

Pregnancy was the single most horrible and amazing and awesome experience of my life. It was mayhem and order, it was over flowing life and yet still not being able to get my acne to go away.

My first piece of advice:

Ignore the people who tell you how your body "should" feel.

I learned so well that I knew my body. When I felt something was wrong, it was wrong. If someone else thought something was wrong, and I didn't, I was usually right. Only you really know what's going on in your body. Each pregnancy is unique.

At the same time, that means listen to your body. If you feel something is wrong don't feel bad seeing a doctor. EVER. Even if you have seen them 4 times that week already. It's better you be a little embarrassed than something happen with your baby.

Treasure it. 

This time moves so fast. I know by the time you hit 25 weeks, you just want to be done. But remember those first couple days? Those amazing moments when you are so over joyed by the thought of being pregnant you smile all the time? Try to remember those when you feel like a blimp.

14 weeks post pregnancy, and I'm finally able to look back and miss it. I wish I had spent more time treasuring the fact that I was growing a baby.

Tell someone how you feel.

You will most likely feel weepy and like a blimp and like if you eat more more of the potato chips you've been craving you'll burst.

Tell someone. Keeping those feelings in in the name of being strong makes for a miserable pregnant woman.

Second piece of advice under this: Your husband is NOT the best person to get sympathy for over this. Try someone who has recently been pregnant. They'll sympathize enough to be understanding, and yet be at that stage where they can remind you to treasure it.

Take pictures. Lots of them.

We didn't. I think I have maybe one a month. I wish I had more. While you are pregnant, you will be gushing with life. Your smile will be radiant, your figure will be stunning, and your hair will look like a brand new Barbie dolls. Revel in it.

Get busy.

Do things. Get out of your house. Clean, cook, craft... whatever you gotta do to stay busy. If you mull around feeling sorry for your pregnant self, you'll be so frustrated by the end of the day it's insane.

Most of all... Smile. 

This season is only for awhile, and then you get a baby. Take the time to smile along the way as your body changes. Keeping a healthy attitude will help the time fly. <3

Remember, at the end you get one of these:

- Adele

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