Monday, 18 March 2013

Music Monday: It won't be like this for long

Lately I have been reflecting on how fast children grow. When I first met Flash, he had just turned 3. He ran across the church to his dad, screaming "Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaadyyyyy!" At the top of his lungs. Caleb leaned down and that little boy was in his arms so fast, you'd think the world was ending. They both had the biggest smiles on their faces, and Flash was chattering away about Sunday school. 

Now Flash is six, and just finishing grade one, and I am stunned by how much he has changed. He still runs across the church to see his dad, but it's no longer on chubby baby legs. He reads to us instead of us reading to him. He uses words like appropriate and humongous. He asks questions that I hadn't considered until I was 10 years old. Instead of needing help to tie has shoes, he helps me get the diaper bag and Wiggles ready to go out the door. Everyday he does something else that stuns me or melts my heart. 

And then Wiggles... she's three months old already. Three months. I look back at pictures of newborn Elsie and it seems... surreal. She has developed her own little personality. She loves people and sleeping on her stomach, and snuggling as she sleeps. She is so different, and it seems I blinked and bam! She's suddenly 3 months old. 

This song  makes me cry. Because its true, it wont be like this for long. I want to treasure every moment with our children. Because it wont be like this for long. 

- Adele

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