Sunday, 17 March 2013

Biblical Womanhood Sunday: Discipline

If these last couple months of being a mom have taught me anything, it's that my discipline is.. lacking to say the least. I struggle with the simplest of tasks sometimes. Just getting the discipline to get out of bed and put myself through my routine seems like a monumental task some days. Often the things that get missed are the things that are most important, Bible reading, prayer time, and spending quality time with my husband or children. 

Of course, this isn't just contributed to by my lack of discipline, it's also contributed to by my supreme laziness, and my stunning ability to worry. All sins. 

I have no discipline, thus I don't do things I need to do, such as Bible reading. I'm lazy, so I put off my chores, which I then use as an excuse not to read my Bible or pray, then when I have time with my children or Caleb... I worry about the things I'm not getting done that I could have done earlier if I'd just had more discipline and been less lazy. Nasty.

I'm embarrassed to say, this is not an abnormal day in my life. 

This is my commitment to prayerfully change. I want the full blessings God can pour out on my life, and my own shortcomings are getting in the way. But God can change that in me, and give me a new heart. 

- Natasha

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