Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Gender Reveal, Kid #3, Pregnancy, and finally getting excited!

Ok everyone! So we went for ultrasound number 4 last week... and the baby is... A BOY! 


Flash and Caleb wanted a boy SO BADLY. I mean when we told Flash that Wiggles was a girl he pouted for 3 days about how he wanted a brother before he got over it and started loving his sister. It's so funny now, cause when he gives me hugs, he gives my stomach one for his brother too. I think he's more excited than I am.

As for how this pregnancy is going, have any other moms out there noticed that with any child but your first, you don't have time to worry or sometimes even notice you're pregnant? Seriously, with the first one, that's all I thought about, was being pregnant. Now I'm so busy running after Wiggles and keeping my house in order, if I have time once a day to maybe do a kick count... I'm lucky. By this time in my first pregnancy I had been to the hospital twice. This time my midwife asks me if anything is wrong and I answer honestly, "If there is, I don't have time to notice.  No blood, so that's good..." She just laughs and says "Yeah, it's like that with the second."

On the other hand, I feel like this entire pregnancy I was living in a haze of "Oh my Gosh... 2 under 1..." And kinda freaking out. Now that I have a name, and can put a 'person' on this little thing that kicks the crap outta my bladder most days... I'm starting to actually look forward to having this baby, as opposed to just dread. Which is super exciting for me. It helps that Flash is so excited, his excitement is catching I tell you!

So so far, everything is good. In the next little bit you're gonna see more posts on labour and baby and getting prepared. We're making all efforts to go naturally with this one, so I'm stressing, so that's where my mind is. :P

- Adele

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