Thursday, 4 July 2013

Back from the dead! Lots going on! Painting!

Hi everyone, so obviously I've been missing for awhile! 

So I feel the need to give explainations, so here it is! 

We bought a house! 
4 bedrooms, semi-detached, but attached to someone from our church, so we couldn't be happier. It's in a great neighborhood, near a lot of our church friends, and still really close to Flash's home with his mom. 

Found out we're expecting baby #3, on Dec 9! 
No news yet on whether it's a boy or girl. July 16. I'll be sure to blog and fill you all in. 

School is finally done! 
Flash is so excited. He was so ready for summer to happen. He has spent every minute he can outside playing on the trampoline that came with the house we bought. 

My church bought a new building and Caleb is doing all the rewiring.... 
it's a lot, trust me. But the building is beautiful, and has a parish on the back for my pastor and his family to stay. Which is lovely. 

See? Busy. Very busy. To top it all off,  on the 18th of this month, I go back to SK for two weeks, and Caleb joins me for the second week. I'm of course taking Wiggles with me... which means I'm flying with a six month old... alone. It's gonna be an adventure. 

So! Now you know why things have been so nuts! Onto more cool things! 

Paint colors! 

I just bought a house, and it needs paint, thought it'll probably be a couple months before we can really paint anything. So I've been on Behr's website... did you know they have this neato thing where you take the paint color you chose and can put it in your room or a sample room? Well, I don't have decent pictures of my new house, so sample rooms it was, but here's what I'm thinkin' so far! 

We have three bedrooms upstairs, a small one that Flash will get to himself, a big one that is currently this horrible shade of bubblegum pink, which will be the girls room, and one that is relatively large and painted brown right now, that will eventually be the boys room. For now Caleb and I are in there until the little ones are old enough to go down stairs on their own. 

Then there's a finished basement (Semi-finished) that Caleb and I will be turning into our bedroom later. :) 

Well here is Flash's Room! All credit for the pictures goes to Behr! 

Flash picked the blue all himself. I picked the beige, and most rooms of the house use it. :) I thought the blue would be super dark, but I actually really like it. 

This is the living room, please note: Caleb actually chose this color! 

The black is our furniture. :) We have black leather couches, and all our accessories and things are black. I LOVE the purple, and I'm really surprised, but Caleb loves it too. 

Originally I was really leaning towards #1, but I love the grey in #2, and I ended up finding an area rug I really like in the white and grey palette, as well as cost efficient curtains, so it looks like that one might win out. It also tones down the purple a lot. 

Now, the kitchen and the living room share a wall, along with the staircase, so we needed a color that matched it... and we chose this one: 

I really like it. :) That same beige is in most of the other rooms, because I decided that I really like it. Our cabinets are all custom make oak, with this really unique finish, and I think it will go very nicely. I'll show pictures of those later. 

The girls room is going this color, again Caleb's choice. 

Originally he was advocating for purple, in fact, the lighter purple in the living room... but when I pulled up this as a possible for our room, he really liked it for the girls room. Ah well, at least my favourite palette got used somewhere in the house... Though I'm not sure what my girls will think of this color once they outgrow princess's. Ah well, that's awhile away. 

As for the other boys room, and my room... we have no idea. -_- We can't agree on a color for our room. We might go the dark blue that Flash has in his room, just because it's the only one we kinda agree on. but who knows. And the other boys room we're gonna leave until other kids eventually move into it. 

The bathroom is this lovely shade of lime green that I adore. I'm not changing it for anything. 


- Adele

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