Saturday, 13 October 2012

SAHM Saturday: Making Kids Feel Needed

Making Kids Feel Wanted. 

You know, lately I have been struck by how much Sam needs to be needed. 

He loves helping, and loves knowing that he has an important part in every family activity. He glows when he feels he is needed.

Now, this can be as simple as me letting him check off the items on our shopping list as we put them in the cart at the store... or going out of my way to play the helpless mom card and asking if there is any way he could do this for me, because I'm just not as strong as him as my big strong man. 

I think I have fallen into the trap before of believing that Sam just needs to know we need him, but doesn't need to have tangible ways he can prove he's needed, to prove that he is an important part of our household, and that we depend on him. 

I think as a boy who is just starting to learn that boys are different than girls, this is especially true of Sam. His father has been lately talking to him a lot about how to properly treat women, how men are to provide for their families, and work hard, and about Gods provision through everything. It's interesting to see that as Sam assimilates this teaching into his life, he naturally asks more if I've eaten(because of the baby), if I need anything, and if there's anything he can do to help. 

Now, his father is the same way, and in a very practical way, Sam is picking up on this and reflecting it back. As this happens I have found that Sam seems much more at ease around the home, and that he is generally a happier child. 

So please, take some time to let your child know you need them in the practical ways. Shower them with praise and let them know that they are indispensable to you. They will reflect that back with all the love and care their little hearts can muster. 

- Natasha

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